Really am doin' something...


Really am doin' something is the mantra of the runner who is beginning the taper. After all that hard work and months and months of training it is very hard to sit back and let your body rest and built up for the thing you've been working so hard for. One, you feel lazy and two, you have SO much energy that you can feel the blood pulsing through your body, really...

The above is a picture taken on the outskirts of Santiago, Chile. Love this one. What a beautiful country... I give you this one today because I meant to take the camera to the yoga studio in Georgetown to get a little photo there but I forgot it. Maybe that is a good thing because I don't know how much good karma that would create between my fellow yogis and myself and plus, there is so much sweat going on in there that I probably couldn't see or the camera would fog up. So, the running has been going well with the 800's behind us and our last long tempo too, and only 16 to run on Sunday. The 800's averaged about 3 minutes; I lasted through 8 of them before calling it quits. My legs were still pretty tired from Phili. The animals on the track -- and you know who you are -- cranked out 10. You know I say this because I wish I had been with you :)


This planning a marathon a month until I've run all continents, and all 50 states, including the 5 world marathon majors, is hard. I feel that I could have run one in the amount of planning time it has taken me thus far! Still, I'm getting closer but I'm not ready to unveil the upcoming 14 months yet. Patience, fans :)

A big shout-out to my friends, Mark and Lori, and their boss --sorry, I can't remember his name -- over at Local Flavor who let me hand out my information to my fellow Alexandrians at the pick-up location. You can find out all about them and what they do by going to their website: I talked to lots of fun and enthusiastic people about RunningBrooke and got lots of positive feedback. Also a friendly shout-out to Neel Lassetter, General Manager of The Evening Star Cafe, who without me asking said that we should talk to see how The Evening Star Cafe might help out the RunningBrooke Fund. Yea :)

And finally, I was featured in an article that I wanted to share. Here is the link. Cheers and it was a beautiful day for a run, even in the rain...



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