Kiawah Island (SC) Marathon Report

Dear Friends, Family and Neighbors-

Thirteen marathons run in 2010, one-a-month, with two in May!  To recap, this year I've raced in Florida (Goofy Challenge -- half, then full marathon), Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, China, Minnesota, Australia, Alaska, Nebraska, Connecticut, North Carolina and South Carolina.  I've racked up over 95,000 flight-miles and together, we've raised over $26,500.00 for Alexandria's kids and families!

2011 takes me to Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, London (5th and final major - a category closer!), West Virginia, California, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, New Hampshire, Indiana, and either Alabama or Hawaii...

I'd like to say 'thank you' and send hugs to all of my supporters. Your support of me is giving support to Alexandrians in need.  It's giving a family a safe place to call home.  It's providing preschool classrooms for a jump start in life.  It's providing books to homeless children and after-school tutors for homework and extra help.  Your donations are putting food on tables and giving stability to where none was.

I'd like to bring special attention to my Sponsors:  Bonitt BuildersPacers Events, a division of Pacers Running Stores, McLaughlin/Ryder InvestmentsTJ Fannon & SonsMacNair Travel ManagementMark G. Anderson ConsultantsSean McEnearney and McEnearney Associates and McGinn Investment Management, INC.  These are local businesses who have laced up their shoes to donate $1K a year over the next 5 years to The RunningBrooke Fund.  And neighbors, as your checks keep pouring in, I am inspired by your giving, and my heart warms with the encouraging notes.
*There is still time to make a difference in 2010!  Please consider making an online donation through ACT for Alexandria's website.  Remember to designate RunningBrooke in the Comment Box.  Always 100% tax deductible and always, 100% goes to those in need.

Goldie Hawn and me

*A final note before the Kawah Island marathon report...
Earlier in the month, we had a terrific time hosting an event at the house for Goldie Hawn.  Visit The Hawn Foundation to learn more about her work with children!

So, without further ado:
about the only trees without Spanish Moss...

Kiawah Island, in South Carolina's low country was calm and beautiful.  Spanish moss hung low from most every limb, and even though it was cold and windy (and rainy), you could imagine a hot and sultry afternoon, dappled sunlight filtering through the dense canopy.

* Factoid.  England 'purchased' Kiawah Island from the Kiawah Indians on March 10, 1675.  Purchase price: cloth, hatchets, beads plus other manufactured goods...

Dane and me at marathon expo

I've known of Dane, and followed his blog for years, and it was good to finally meet him.  Dane lost a bet.  The result?  Him running 52 marathons in 52 weekends.  Love it!  To learn more, check out his website: See Dane Run.

heading over to the race

Favorite husband was with me -- he celebrated a big-number birthday, but you'd never know it...

Can't say that he was thrilled about the half-marathon distance -- he'd probably have preferred a 10K -- but he finished well.  I had a lot of fun being and running the first 8 miles with him!  Half-marathon today, marathon tomorrow, because if you can run a half -- with little training -- you can run a full -- with some training -- for sure!

This was a terrific weekend.  The marathon was a beautiful loop, run twice.  There was no Bad and certainly, no Ugly.  So I've had to deviate from my normal Good/Bad/Ugly format...  Sorry fans.  As you'll see from my pictures below, I was fascinated by the interaction of light and color, by the reflections in a winter-beach landscape, by the birds foraging for food and by all things washed up on the shore.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and Peace in the New Year.



sunset approaching

lone figure

Water and sky


and sky...

and more sky...




and another...

Washed-up things

one of hundeds

horseshoe crabs

animated sea twig

beautiful symmetry

in my Lululemon

That's it.  The End.