back from Beantown and off to Easter Island!

Hello World-

I'm back from the Boston Marathon and feeling great as I head to the next running adventure! Boston didn't go exactly as planned -- I set admittedly high standards for myself -- but I did the best that I could do that day and finished feeling proud and accomplished. So I'll chalk this Boston up as a mental victory and another learning experience and I'll cut myself some slack -- this is new for me -- as this was my best Boston time yet... (3:21 for those who just want the facts and I know who you are :).

So, now it's off to Easter Island, Chile! We leave May 30th for Santiago. While in Santiago and in it's surrounds, we'll visit vineyards, beaches and it's main port, Valparaiso. Then, it's a 5 1/2 hour flight west to Easter Island!!! We'll have time to visit the ancient ruins and see the fallen statues and sight see. There's a triathlon and a mountain bike race and towns to visit and of course, the Marathon on Sunday, June 7th!

Thanks to all friends and readers for their post suggestions. Keep them coming... and notice, that you can now donate online.

Cheers and what a great day for a run!


Upcoming posts:
  • more about Alexandria Community Trust and why what they are doing is SO important
  • more about my connection with Ghana and why some of the money will go to Giving To Ghana
  • favorite web sites
  • nutrition and healthful recipes
  • cute running clothes and gear --we have to look good while we sweat!

goin' to Beantown!

Hello World-

Going to Boston to run the marathon! Will have a full report on my return; look for me to break the tape :)

-Cheers! RunningBrooke

So why is it that you run?

Hello World,

I get asked this question all the time and the answer changes all the time... The short answer is to GET THE HECK OUT OF THE HOUSE. Not that I don't love my house and the people inside :) but this is the one thing that I do truly for me and maybe for others too if you consider that I would drive them CRAZY!

But really, and this 'shout out' goes especially to all of the new runners and those thinking about jumping back in. It's a sport for all. Start small and think big! Three things came together in a relatively short time span that propelled me to be the runner I am now:
  1. 3 kids and my first pair of mom jeans
  2. making a life list of things I wanted to do before I croak
  3. 911 which made me realize that I should get started

So it all started with 15 or 20 miles a week 10 years ago and now I'm running around the world. Awesome...

Cheers! RunningBrooke

I'm a quarter of the way there!

Hello World,

I'm a quarter of the way to my goal of $20,000. That's $5000, people! Thanks so much to those who have contributed so far. Big hug goes out to all of you.

Training update: Feeling good! My track buds and I were out there at 6 this morning and got it done. A 5k tempo: 6:34, 6:33, 6:23 and then some change. Just the counting down the days to Boston.

Cheers! RunningBrooke

help me reach my goal of $20,000 in 2009 :)

I've partnered with the Alexandria Community Trust (ACT) which pools charitable dollars and directs the funds to existing programs. They do the work for us people! They ensure that your 100% tax deductible donation goes to proven organizations that deliver long term aid.

Past grantees include:

A percentage of the donations will go to Giving to Ghana. Why Ghana do you ask? Our former AFS student was from Ghana and I'd like to help him and his Pastor build their town's first medical clinic. All money goes directy towards building supplies. This charity has its 501(c)(3) status.

So me: run my heart out

And you: send a check made out to the Alexandria Community Trust with runningbrooke in the memo line. Their address is 311 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA 22301.

  • Marathon World Tour $2,500
  • Half-Marathon $1000
  • 10K $500
  • 5K $250
  • I'll give you ______ , Brooke

Thanks for your help and remember that your donation is 100% tax deductible! ACT will send a receipt for your tax purposes.

Run Globally, Act Locally

My Elevator Pitch

Hello World!

Recently I've begun something really exciting that I'd like to share with you - running a marathon on every continent - and raising money for local charities while I'm at it!

~Marine Corps (2x), Richmond, Chicago, Boston (4X), New York - DONE!
~Berlin, Germany - DONE! - September, 2008
~Easter Island, Chile - June, 2009

Follow me around the world and know that you're helping those in need!

Cheers! RunningBrooke