So why is it that you run?

Hello World,

I get asked this question all the time and the answer changes all the time... The short answer is to GET THE HECK OUT OF THE HOUSE. Not that I don't love my house and the people inside :) but this is the one thing that I do truly for me and maybe for others too if you consider that I would drive them CRAZY!

But really, and this 'shout out' goes especially to all of the new runners and those thinking about jumping back in. It's a sport for all. Start small and think big! Three things came together in a relatively short time span that propelled me to be the runner I am now:
  1. 3 kids and my first pair of mom jeans
  2. making a life list of things I wanted to do before I croak
  3. 911 which made me realize that I should get started

So it all started with 15 or 20 miles a week 10 years ago and now I'm running around the world. Awesome...

Cheers! RunningBrooke


Mama said...

Thanks for the email! Good luck with your running and fundraising. I'll add you to my blog list!

MCM Mama

runningbrooke said...

Hey MCM Mama-
I've been way too distracted but back on now! If you ever need a marathon mate for your 50 states, let me know. If you are a friend of Cathleen's, you are a friend of mine... I'm running Steamtown in the fall, the JFK 50 and then the Goofy Challenge in January....
Cheers! RunningBrooke

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