London -- 5th and final major -- at category closer!

Hi Fans-

Here's the link to the London recap. Having trouble uploading the pictures, but it's a good one with loads of fun info :)

Cheers -- running Big Sur tomorrow!


RunningBrooke is USA9's Super NOVA


Nation and Ocean Drive Marathons -- another double -- plus Cherry Blossom!

National and Ocean Drive Marathons,
another double!  
Dear Friends, Family and Neighbors,

On March 26th and 27th, I ran the National and Ocean Drive Marathons, respectively -- another double -- to cross off State #23 (NJ) and Marathon #33 on my quest to run a marathon in every state (almost half-way there), on every continent (5 of 7 DONE) and the 5 world marathon majors (5th and final in London, 11 days away!) to raise awareness and raise money for 5 vital Alexandria-based charities (see sidebar) serving the at-risk in Alexandria/Arlington.  To date, $64,500+ has been raised.  Thanks Supporters and my RunningBrooke Racers -- they alone have collected over $12,000+.  Wow.  Even better, every penny goes to struggling kids and families.

Also exciting is that I was named USA9's Super NOVA.  Thanks Ellen Scott and USA9 for the honor!  See sidebar for YouTube video to check it out.  Super-pleased.

Finally, the Alexandria Gazette (pg. 25) featured my Check Presentation to The Reading Connection (TRC).  A great evening that coincided with a kick-off for a new TRC reading program. 

And so, without further ado:

runningbrooke at expo
RunningBrooke booth at the National Expo 

a lululemon athletica and
Pacers Ambassador 

Running marathons on all 
7 Continents, in each of the 50 States, and the 5 World Marathon Majors,
a marathon a month 
(and DC too, just 'cause...)

Distressed for my struggling neighbors, I decided to 'step up to the plate,' make a stand and do something.  And so I did...  As a long-time  marathoner who was tired of running solely for time, I 'laced up my shoes' and committed to running the world on their behalf.  To raise awareness and funds for 5 key charities that serve them:

  • Child and Family Network Centers
  •  Community Lodgings
  • The Reading Connection
  • Girls on the Run, NoVA
  • ACTion Alexandria 

RunningBrooke Sponsors
Supporting the Community

(Donating 1K a year for the next 5 years to The RunningBrooke Fund.)

  • ASAP Printing
  • Bonitt Builders
  • MacNair Travel
  • Mark G Anderson Consultants 
  • McGinn Investments
  • McLaughlin/Ryder Investments 
  • Pacers Events/A Division of Pacers Running Stores 
  • Sean McEnearney - McEnearney and Associates 
  • TJ Fannon and Sons
  • Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon

Make a difference, become a Sponsor!

RunningBrooke is USA9's Super NOVA
RunningBrooke is USA9's Super NOVA

To donate or to learn how you can get involved, please visit:

or email me at

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much, nor suffer much, for they live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."
- Theodore Roosevelt

Phil Wharton talks to The RunningBrooke Racers
Phil Wharton talks to The RunningBrooke Racers
Learn about injury prevention and the importance of Active Stretching.

Part 1 -- National Expo (Friday, 3/25),
National Marathon (Saturday, 3/26)

The RunningBrooke Fund was an official Charity Partner in the National marathon and half-marathon on Saturday, here in DC.  Holy cow, I had no concept of the behind-the-scenes pre-planning that was involved.  HUGE.  But once the groundwork was laid, fantastic!  Inspired runners signed on to be RunningBrooke Racers, and raised money for the cause.  Weekly training runs and tips turned into friendships.  Sorry to see it end.  Thanks, guys, for your help, I feel honored to have guided you to strong finishes and new PR's. 

runningbrooke racers
RunningBrooke Racers at National Marathon

Thanks too to lululemon athletica and Pacers Running Stores for their ongoing support.

*Factoid, The National Marathon, starting and ending at RFK Stadium, is the only marathon run solely in the District of Columbia, going through 6 of 8 wards. 

The Good 
  • Running with my Racers and being part of their success. 
  • Watching the early morning sun sparkle off the Capitol Dome.  Beautiful. 
  • Running where history is made; by the Capitol and the White House, monuments and museums, blooming Cherry Trees and along the Potomac River.
  • High-fiving Back on My Feet runners.  Back on My Feet is a non-profit that engages the homeless in running, promoting confidence, strength and self-sufficiency. 
The Bad
  • I was exhausted before the race even began and never felt good.  With that said, another Boston Qualifyer.  I'll take it. 

Cape May beach sign
On the Beach at Cape May, NJ
Part 2 -- Ocean Drive Marathon (Sunday, 3/27)

After post-race congratulatory hugs and hi-fives with my National Racers, I Metro-ed back home to eat, hydrate, stretch, do my ice bath and get in the car for the 4+ hour drive to NJ.  Didn't stop and didn't get lost :)  Victory.

Cape May, NJ is a top destination spot with rich history, award-winning beaches and many Victorian homes.  Named for the Dutch Captain Mey who explored the area in the 1620's, Cape May began hosting vacationers from Philadelphia in the mid 18th century.  By the 19th century, it was considered one of America's finest resorts.  Today, it's recognized as the country's oldest seaside resort.

* Factoid #1:   By providing support for the US Navy, Cape May played a significant role in WWII.  In Cape May and surrounds, facilities were set up to protect the US and the mouth of the Delaware River from enemy ships and submarines.

*Factoid #2:  In 1876, a massive fire destroyed most of the town center.  Replacement homes were mostly in the Victorian Style popular in that era.
Victorian Home
Cape May Victorian home 
 The Good 
  • The Marathon.  This was a great race that started steps for my hotel room.  Staring at 9 AM -- I appreciated that -- we ran North along boardwalks, through 5 beach towns, and over 4 drawbridges from Cape May to Sea Isle City.  Unexpectedly, I felt great!  Ran almost 10 minutes faster than I had at National Marathon.  
  • The Marathon.  Met up with 'MusicBelt Ken,' and his friend Troy + 'favorite son' Leong -- friend from the Easter Island Marathon -- and his crew.  
No Bad, No Ugly (sorry)

Part 3 - Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (Sunday, 4/3) 

RunningBrooke Racers and Cherry Blossom
RunningBrooke Racers race morning 

 The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler is a beautiful and fast course -- around the monuments and under the blooming Cherry Trees -- that draws both Washingtonians and elite runners from around the world.  It's a rite of passage and ushers in Spring.

I'm super-proud of all of my runners.  Two of whom had never run a race of this distance and one of whom had never run a race!  Everyone did great.

The Upcoming
  • London.  I leave for London next Thursday to run the marathon on Sunday.  Can't wait. 
  • Antarctica.  I just made my second-to-last payment and the countdown is on.  I'm both exhilarated and petrified.  11 months to go.  Yikes! 
  • Exciting Plans are in the works.  Stay tuned... 

That's it -- except for more pictures below.  And... if you haven't looked at the Super NOVA YouTube video yet, what are you waiting for?  It's that good... 

Cheers and I look forward to seeing everyone here in Alexandria/Arlington or around the Globe.


runningbrooke with bill bowers
with running great Bill Rogers at National Expo -- yup, he signed my poster

getting ready to run
Troy, Ken and me in front of Congress Hall Hotel

getting ready to run 2
Getting ready to run... starting line Miller High Life's...

leong and his crew
with 'favorite son' Leong and his crew at Cherry Blossom.