836 miles run and 220 miles to go!

Hello World-

The title says it all!  Since the Easter Island, Chile Marathon on June 8, 2009, I've run 836 miles and have 220 miles to go before making it to the Steamtown, PA marathon on October 12th.  That number surprises me but my running log and calculator says it is so...

So, if I average let's say, 1000 miles per marathon training cycle and I've run for the sake of argument, 3 marathons this year so far, that puts me close to 3000 miles run.  Okay!  Now that is an impressive number.  Might even be impressing myself, and that rarely happens...

The crew is off to Philadelphia this weekend to run the distance run.  Good luck to my fellow track stars and I hope we all show well and run a fast 13.1 miles!  See you at the pasta dinner  :) This is a tune-up or practice race for the marathoners to feel good and iron out any of the training kinks; figure out that the clothes/shoes/nutrition/training are all in alignment and good for the race day.

I'm putting to the very top of my list of things to do:

  1. identify and register for the Antarctic Marathon, the Great Wall of China Marathon, the Australia Marathon and an African Marathon.  Any suggestions for that last one?
  2. become a member of the 50 State Marathon Club and start chipping away at the states.  I'm thinking about tweaking my goal to run 12 marathons a year until I've completed all continents, all states and all marathon majors -- this last category I'll close out in April with the completion of London!  Anyone want to bet that I can do it or come along?
  3. improve the number of posts I make here and spent more time looking at other people's blogs and gathering followers (I hope).
I've been sharing my computer with two of the kids while the family computer has been at the shop.  Needless to say, CAN'T wait until tomorrow when the computer should be back and up and running again.

Did anyone see, race or run through the Parks Half Marathon, DC's Triathlon or the Reston Triathlon yesterday?  What a great day and what a great day for local -- and maybe not local -- athletes...

Cheers and it was a beautiful day for a run!



Anonymous said...

Good luck on Sunday! I've been meaning to email this to you but finally got around to it today. As discussed in the past, my organization donates funds to various organizations and hopefully, we can donate to your excellent cause. They are donating $500 to my marathon charity so it wouldn't hurt if you decided to write a letter to them. Feel free to mention my name. You can send the letter to:

Richard Lyons
Columbia Lodge # 10
419 Seventh Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004

Mike S.

runningbrooke said...

Hey Mike, thanks! I'll write to them. You're looking strong, my friend.

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