the compression sock and the jewelry show

Hello World-

Just a short post here to tout these awesome -- new to me -- compression socks. My calves were always so achy, so the running store extraordinaire -- Pacers in Old Town, Alexandria -- sold these to me today. I actually bought three pair because they feel so good! I may wear them all day to embarrass the kids. I may never take them off...

We had our long run Sunday morning in the remnants of Saturday nights deluge. It misted the entire run and even after 16 miles, I still wasn't awake. No mojo there, but got the last long run in before Steamtown with the second half of the run at race pace. No we really start to taper with only 42 miles this week...

Still planning and doing the running thing but got distracted on the fall garden this morning. Also trying to figure out how much longer I'm going to keep my tomatoes in the ground. They are so ugly that it takes every fiber not to rip them out. When I go out there I hope that no new tomatoes are on the vine but they just keep coming. This one plant is 2 feet taller than me, no kidding!

My friend Karen W. approached me with an idea to co-host a jewelry show here at the house and she would donate all the proceeds to RunningBrooke. Thanks Karen! The jewelry is really cute. Here's the link I'll let ya'll know when the party is.

Cheers and it is a beautiful day for a run!



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