Let's be friends!


Hello World, and fellow Alexandrians!

Let's be friends!  I keep hearing from people directly, or through mutual friends, that you are reading my blog.  LOVE IT, but would like to know that you've been there.  Leave a comment, become a follower and I'll do the same  :)

  1. It's officially exercised induced asthma...  by the stress of running hard and by my own internal stressors that I place on myself.  Now how is my type 'A' personality going to deal with that?!
  2. Featured in my first article.  See link:


  3. Figuring out how I'm going to do 12 marathons a year until I'm done.  I've been on the 50 States Marathon Club website, the Marathon Guide website, Runner's World website and Marathon Tours website.  Can my family stand this craziness?  The thought of trying to do this is invigorating!

Cheers and it is a beautiful day for a run!  Now if I could only figure out why the type style changed...


P.S. This photo was taken in Prague in front of the John Lennon memorial wall.  The murals and tributes, some may say graffiti, are beautiful and are on an embassy's compound wall.  Can't remember which embassy but it must bring good Karma  :)


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