Birthday Cake tonight and lots and lots of Ice Cream...

Hello World!

There is a birthday in our house today and there is not much better than a home made birthday cake made with love.  Okay, so I know that that sounds really goofy but if you ask me what I really want for my birthday, that is it...  a home made birthday cake and for someone else to make the bed.  As you can see from the Pillsbury icing container on the chopping block, I've relented on the actual using of home made icing today... we usually do that too... and since I'm admitting so much, this is a Funfetti cake from a box.  The kids reject, okay not reject, but really prefer box cakes and icing and since it is a kid birthday today, I decided to be flexible.  Surprising, I know, but I can sometimes be flexible!

I spent the morning organizing the troops, sandwiching some runs together to get 10 miles, and talking up the RunningBrooke Fund up with some great ladies at Pacers running store.  I met up with Sandy -- fearless leader of the Beginner and Re-Beginner Group -- and BethAnn Telford -- who has raised over $50,000.00 for the Brain Tumor Society!  These ladies are awesome and are a great inspiration to me.    I hope that I can inspire some of their lady runners to partner with me, combining our passions of running with -- hopefully -- donating to/raising money for RunningBrooke.

Running wise, this week has been a lot like the last few where the humidity is getting me down.  I just can't breathe during my tempos.  Feel great for the first two miles or so and then just nose dive.  The numbers aren't there and it's frustrating!  I know that I'll come out okay on the other end once the weather turns but it's hard on the fragile ego  :)  Hot yoga rocks but it is a little disgusting the amount of liquid that comes dripping out of your body; won't go any further there...

More later!

Cheers and it really was a beautiful day for a run...



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