Track short?

Hello World!

I've been running in the Blue Ridge Mountains recently and the hills have been killing me.  I thought that my legs were going to be totally shot for this track workout because of the hills or maybe because I've been hauling canoes up and down river banks for the past two days, but the legs came through for me.  In fact was the track short or the mountain air so good?

This is the result....  5x1000 in 3:39, 3:35, 3:32, 3:31 and 3:26 with 2x400 in 81 and 80 seconds...  I had convinced myself that the track had to be a little short until the 400's when I was running pretty much as fast as I could and the numbers came out just like at home....

Finished the morning with a core workout in the shade of this sign and ended up talking with the Zion Baptist? minister and his wife newly transferred from Alabama -- very, very, very friendly...  Spent the rest of the day poolside helping parents around the house and garden... deer 150 peaches, papa, 20.  Let's hope that new netting helps.

Cheers and it's, or it will be -- I'm just about to head out -- a beautiful day for a run!



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