One Run at a Time

Hello World!

So I look pretty happy after this run but this was not the case for last Friday's tempo!  I had planned to run 6 miles starting at 6:50ish and coming down to 6:30ish but it didn't happen.  Everything shut down at about mile 3 and I had to quit.  Difficult on the psyche!  The running confidence dipped to new lows and I couldn't understand why I couldn't gut it out, quitting is for losers...  Luckily coach talked me through it and he's right, somedays its just not your day and at that point, its better to throw in the towel and just get the miles in and not worry about the pace and not worry about the run because marathon training is all about building on many workouts and one bad one doesn't mean you're not fit.  It is all about getting to the finish line -- marathon day -- in one piece.

Today we had a GREAT long run (20 miles) starting at Fletcher's Boat House, winding up and through Rock Creek Park, through the zoo, up into Silver Spring and then over into and through Bethesda.  We then picked up the Crescent Trail and headed pack down to Fletcher's.  Because it was so hot and humid, coach wanted us to only run 16 as we have time for more 20s.
A renegade group of us didn't listen to his advice and I hope we don't pay the price...  He's usually right...

Cheers and it was a beautiful day for a run!



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