Tribute to Cubby


Hello World-

It just doesn't seem right to have any other post before paying tribute to our dog, whom we had to put to sleep yesterday...

Cubby -- named after the Chicago Cubs -- spent most of his days following me and the sunbeams around the house.  He was an avid tennis ball getter and squirrel chaser and was tireless in both of his 'sports.'  He loved to go for walks, take rides in the car -- with his head out the window -- natch, and get petted and hugged by his family.  He was a cuddler, who always snuggled next to you, with his chin on your leg or in the crook of your arm.  He was always waiting for you to return, leaving multiple nose prints on the door  panes.  He had a funny way of cocking his head -- literally 45 degrees to the left -- and then to the right -- if you asked him a question like 'Cubby, wanna go outside?' and he'd hurriedly go search for one of his many tennis balls, or 'Cubby, wanna go for a ride?' and he'd go right for the door.  Cubby had Inflammatory Bowel Disease that prevented the proteins in food from being absorbed.  His bowels leaked like a kitchen colander into his abdomen and we couldn't find a way to stop it.  Food changes, many different types and combinations of medicines, nothing worked and his body couldn't take any more.

He was our first family dog and we will miss him sorely.



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