Alexandria, VA or Antarctica?


Hello World!

Alexandria, VA or Antarctica?  And the funny thing is, is that I'll be running in Antarctica in March of '11.  Who knew I'd get a little training in?!

Thanks to and for their help in making these runs doable and fun.

First, notice how the hood of my jacket has, YES!, a spot for my pony tail to come out.  Very handy, not too goofy looking, and very wearable.  I've been looking for a jacket like this for years.  This is why I love Lululemon -- my fav is the Arlingon, VA store -- and why I fork over the extra bucks for it.  Hood stays on and up and is not annoying, zip for ventilation, hand flaps that fold over and become mittens, and just the right weight to be warm but not too warm.  And it is totally cute!  A friend of mine -- hello Anne :)  -- successfully wears this same jacket to bike and her helmut fits easily over the hood.

Note to self and to others out there with long hair:  If you think your hair is coming out of it's braid or bun, stop and fix it.  I ignored this little issue yesterday and was left with a total 'rats nest,' that took me, and I'm not kidding here,  25 minutes to comb out.

And YakTrax.  I don't know anyone in YakTrax land as I bought these online.  They are the type of things that you don't use too often but when you need 'em, they are great.  For those of you who are wondering what these things are, it is the same principle as chains for tires.  Imagine a series of wire coils in a diamond pattern that go on the soles of your shoes that are held on with an elastic band at your toe and heal with a velcro strap.

Piece of terrific news:  I'm having dinner with Bart Yasso, YES!, the Bart Yasso from Runner's World, in Florida when I'm down there next month to run the Goofy Challenge -- half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday.  Can't wait and wonder if it'll be too strange to ask to have my picture taken with him :)  Am I available, ummm, YEAH!

Cheers and it was a beautiful day for a run!


P.S.  I'll leave you all with a good piece of advice from Jim Croce -- favorite husband was YouTubing '70's artists last night.

     ... don't pull on Superman's cape, don't spit into the wind, don't pull the mask off of the Lone Ranger
         and you don't mess around with Jim...


Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Ummm you TOTALLY have to ask for a picture with him. Tell him it's going up on your blog :) I need to get some of those yak things! I did 13 on the treadmill yesterday and just looked out the window at the snow.

runningbrooke said...

Hi Dorothy, OK I will! I couldn't decide if it was going to be too goofy or not... Thanks for the advice and confidence to do it. HAHA! Hope you're well and happy holidays!! More later :) Broooke

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