Sometimes it's all in the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)


Hello World-

Sometimes you just have to trick yourself into thinking that it is really a beautiful day for a run.  As you can see from the pictures, it was a little dark and little (ha ha) wet...  But we had a good time anyway with many in our group making 10k PR's.

This race -- the Jingle Bell 10k -- and other good ones, are put on by  Check them out, they're a good group!  The Jingle Bell, in particular, kicks off the holidays for me.  Little bells -- we tie them on our shoelaces --are given out and its so festive to listen to us jingle, jingle down Ohio Drive.

This is what I saw:  santa, santa hats (lots), reindeer  antlers, elf ears, striped stockings, flashing red and green necklaces, flashing red noses, and combinations of all of the above.

This is what I learned:  a hairdryer works wonders to warm up the body after a serious chill has been caught.  Whew :)

Cheers and it was (not!) a beautiful day for a run!



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