why doesn't this sweat smell?


Hello World!

How can it be that you're in a crowded, 95 degree+ room and it doesn't smell? That is what I've been thinking about today. I've sweated a lot over the years and I know the funk and how bad it can be. But this isn't, really. I mean, we sweat until it runs into your ears and drips off the end of your nose. The towel and everything on your body is like it just came out of the washer. And it is awesome!

Is this the same idea as the white clay walled sauna of the Korean place in Annandale? My hairdresser was telling me about it just the other day as I was getting my natural blond put back in... Same thing, sweat all around and no smell...

Everyone look for me in the sport section of Wednesday's Alexandria Times -- I think that it is this Wednesday, anyway. RunningBrooke is being featured. And get this! I signed up for a Twitter account today and someone had already taken RunningBrooke as a user name!! I had to become RunnerBrooke. So bogus. Maybe when I figure out how to use it, I'll find out that RunningBrooke is me and I just don't remember signing up. It is possible, really...
Cheers and it was a great day for a run!
RunningBrooke (the real one)

Bonus Points to anyone who can figure out why the StellaDot photos keep showing up on my latest posts.


Anonymous said...

Thats so true Brooke, I ve totally thought that a few times taking by yoga class at down dog yoga....Why does it not smell in here? How weird is that...still dont understand it. lol


runningbrooke said...

see you there!

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