Sunrise over Alexandria

Hello World!

I often see things early in the morning, things so beautiful that I think, a ha!, this is it, today's blog inspiration. Often, the day gets away from me and I think ok, tomorrow, and then I forget. But not today. This picture isn't what I saw this morning -- I took it months ago -- but the lighting is similar, dark foreground with the sunrise in back.

This morning was my running day 'off' so I took my Vikram yoga class at Down Dog in Georgetown and sweated way more than I thought was ever possible but loved every moment of it. A new high, or low depending on your perspective, with sweat actually making it inside my nose as I was in the Down Dog position. Anyway, this yoga brings me back to center and focuses my attention inward, at the moment, the right now, when I'm usually all over the place thinking three steps ahead.

As I was driving back over the Key Bridge about 7:45 this morning with the light still behind the monuments, the crew boats were leaving their tracks in the water. 110 South, Boundry Channel Drive towards 395 South ... that is when I saw the helicopter hovering just feet off the ground. Just there, hovering, beside the Pentagon. The helicopter black, in silhouette, with the sun rising in the background. Chills.

Okay, so to change the subject here. I made print! The Alexandria Times published an article about me and the RunningBrooke Fund. Two page feature, yea!

Good luck to all runners at the Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday! You all trained hard and you are ready. Get prepared to achieve great things. Cheers and it is a beautiful day for a run!



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