Steamtown PR and Stella Dot Report with the JFK 50 on my mind...


Hello World!

Look how crazy happy we look after 26.2 miles :) Sharon and I both had great runs with a 4 min. PR for me (3:09:12) and a 3:05 for Sharon. I know that she'll be, once again, breaking that 3 hour barrier. I'm so proud... We had that giddy elation for the rest of the day and talked, non-stop, on that 4 and 1/2 hour trip home eating Subway sandwiches and Peppermint Patties. We had lots of stares as we fell out the car gas up and lunch up. You could see them wonder who were these people with the funny walk! It is strange but once again, I couldn't sleep the night after a marathon and she said the same thing happens to her...

I had my first run today, an easy 6 miler. I took Monday off, did Hot Yoga Tuesday and swam yesterday... Feeling good!

Backtracking a bit, as far as the exercise induced asthma, it effected me some about mile 18 where I had a few, very rough miles and I had to use my rescue inhaler. It took me sometime to realize that I was losing that much speed -- I had a little mind mush by that time --but finally, I realized what was going on, took the inhaler and got it back together to finish strongly!

The Stella Dot party was a huge success with $1000- raised. Thanks to Karen W. -- the fabulous Stella Dot Rep. -- and thanks friends far and near for supporting me and the women and children of Alexandria!

More to come later on things other than my numbers :) ...

The rest of the photos are -- from top to bottom --the Radisson Hotel in Scranton, converted from the old train station, me, George B. 'the coach' and Sharon, George C. and his wife Zieta at our pre-race, carbo-loading dinner, and the one that makes me smile the most, me and Sharon. We have many more to run together, my friend :)

Cheers and it was a beautiful day for a run!



Jessica said...

Great pictures! I hope I am even remotely that happy afterwards if I ever finish a marathon!

~ jessica

runningbrooke said...

the pain before the pleasure!

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