I was next to the Baked Goods


Hello World-

We're now on our 5th day of rain... It's now confirmed that I would need a lot more caffeine if I lived in the Pacific North West! Already love my Starbucks and understand how they got their start there...

I didn't want to post a picture involving rain so I dug up these photos from the Masters Track Tournament last March. I ran two events, the 3000 -- that is the action photo -- and the mile. This was my first indoor track event -- lots of fun and an honor to run the mile with Alissa Harvey! She only lapped me once...

Yesterday, I went to the neighborhood fall festival to promote and talk about RunningBrooke. I went out with my RunningBrooke banner and world map marking my upcoming races and a bowl of candy to entice people to my table. I got the kids with some free candy who then brought their parents over. My biggest fans were the teenage boys who thought what I was doing as 'totally sick!'

Some people didn't care. Some people would read my sign, get a glazed look, and go towards the cupcakes. But most people thought it was unbelievable and amazing. I talked until hoarse. I showed travel pictures. I pointed to places on the map. Most asked 'how many have you done so far?' and stated 'I didn't know there was a marathon in Antarctica!'

I may have gotten a sponsor and I definitely got some good advice.

Cheers and it is a beautiful day for a run!



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