First Edition, Chapter 2: The BlOg WorLd and the Interview (goal #13)


Hello Friends, Family and Neighbors-

Been a year and I still feel as if I'm still JUST dipping my toes into the potential of the BloG WoRld.  (sigh)  Too much running, too much life, too little time...

Goal #13:

  improve RunningBrooke blog and readership through thoughtful comments (on other blogs), consistent postings (3x a week), guest postings and interaction in blog world...

Again, sigh.  I might have to amend...

But then, someone really cool finds you.  Thanks Lululumon -- -- for the connection!  

(Remember, I'm a running ambassador for them.  So, some may say that my opinion is tainted, jaded.  Here it is.  They have the most UBER-CUTE athletic wear, anywhere.  Ever.  PeRiod).

Everyone, meet Leslie Ann.  Leslie Ann, everyone.  See a picture of us below at Cheesetique, Mt. Vernon Ave., in the heart of Del Ray.

I'm holding dark chocolates...

Leslie Ann writes an awesome blog (full of pictures and commentary) about Food (local, fresh, fun) and Fitness (she's an instructor) and their Health Relationship (how each -- food and fitness -- plays a role in the success of the other).

So, Leslie Ann finds me and wants to interview me for her blog.

Her questions to me:

  1. What is your food philosophy?
  2. Do you have recipes to share?
  3. How has your diet changed as your running began and then evolved?
  4. Diet and travel.  How do you eat well on the road?
  5. Cross-training.  How do you stay injury free?

I don't know what she's going to write, so I'll stop here.  But everyone, listen, you need to follow her.  It's that good.

And finally,

I let my camera go outside with my 12 year old and this is what came back...

Ahhhh, Spring in Washington...

Brooke's 2010 goals
in no particular order....

meditate 3x a week, working up to daily by June

stretch key muscle groups at least once a day

cross train 3x a week: hot yoga, swim or bike

live in the moment and appreciate the moment...

listen more, listen more, listen more, instead of making to do lists in my head

have more patience...

run a marathon a month for the next 12 months in 10 different states, London and Australia

raise $50,000.00 for the RunningBrooke fund

get 10 (or more) local businesses/organizations to commit to a donation of $1,000.00 (or more)  for the next 5 years, benefitting the RunningBrooke fund and Alexandria, VA charities

keep a 3 season vegetable garden, starting from seed (when feasible) and from heirloom varieties (when possible): greens, herbs, tomatoes and beans, eggplant, root vegetables and anything else that looks fun

train safely, not pushing too hard, or too soon, or too far...

take Apple workshop session 1x a month

improve RunningBrooke blog and readership through thoughtful comments (on other blogs), consistent postings (3x a week), guest postings and interaction in blog world...

Dedication. Optimism. Persistence.   Do it Now!


LAQ said...

HA! I was just getting ready to leave you a comment when I got yours! Have a loaf of your banana bread cooling on the counter. It is Ohmygosh GOOD! Added a heaping cup of shredded zucchini and a handful of chopped walnuts to it. You weren't kidding - you really can throw whatever you want in it! I'm already predicting that my roommate is gonna love it - which means we'll be making this on a weekly basis. Will have our interview blog posts up soon!

runningbrooke said...

Yipee! SO glad you liked it ;D

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