First Edition, Chapter 1: The 3 Season Garden (goal #10)


Hello Friends, Family and Neighbors-

I am starting something new.  Regular progress posts, focusing on my 2010 goals.  This will:

  1. keep me honest...
  2. remind me of what they are ;D
  3. keep me focused...
And, maybe InSpire...  Perhaps, HelP others (with their goals).  And definitely PUsH me to accomplish mine.

This will also provide a format, a clearer path, as to what this blog is all about.  Previously, other than my monthly marathon updates, I've never had a plan about where this was all going...  And now I do.

So here it goes:

Goal #10.  The 3 Season Garden.

 these little seedlings will go

out into these planters...

Next step:

  1. Soil (Obviously) - Is there such a thing as organic soil?
  2. Warmer weather (Hopefully Soon) - buy thermal blanket so I don't have to wait -
  3. Transplant seedlings
  4. Order Heirloom Tomatoes - set of Six Heirloom Tomatoes -
  5. Plant Radicchio, Swiss Chard and Mesclun Lettuce seeds
  6. Consider the summer garden, beyond tomatoes...

More to follow.  2010 Goal List Below.  Cheers, it was a beautiful day for a run!


Brooke's 2010 goals
in no particular order....

meditate 3x a week, working up to daily by June

stretch key muscle groups at least once a day

cross train 3x a week: vikram yoga and swim or bike

live in the moment and appreciate the moment...

listen more, listen more, listen more, instead of making to do lists in my head

have more patience...

run a marathon a month for the next 12 months in 10 different states, London and Australia

raise $50,000.00 for the RunningBrooke fund

get 10 (or more) local businesses/organizations to commit to a donation of $1,000.00 (or more)  for the next 5 years, benefitting the RunningBrooke fund and Alexandria, VA charities

keep a 3 season vegetable garden, starting from seed (when feasible) and from heirloom varieties (when possible): greens, herbs, tomatoes and beans, eggplant, root vegetables and anything else that looks fun

train safely, not pushing too hard, or too soon, or too far...

take Apple workshop session 1x a month

improve RunningBrooke blog and readership through thoughtful comments (on other blogs), consistent postings (3x a week), guest postings and interaction in blog world...

Dedication. Optimism. Persistence.   Do it Now!


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