NJ... Should have taken my camera!

Hello World!

So I just spent the last days in Baltimore -- National Futsol Tournament -- and New Egypt, New Jersey -- Lax for the Cure Lacrosse Tournament.  I've been to Baltimore and the Inner Harbor many times so the camera didn't go there and with New Jersey, I thought that I wouldn't want to take any pictures.  Ha, ha!  But really, that state gets a bad wrap... everyone likes to joke -- including me -- about it's ugliness...  For me, no more, well at least until the next time I'm in Hoboken -- that's for you Leong!!!  We stayed at a beautiful and rural Bed and Breakfast surrounded by horse farms and fields.  My run, a 10 miler and a 16 miler, we're along winding country roads with mist rising from the fields as the sun was rising.  That was definitely picture-worthy.  But since I didn't have my camera, you get this one from my back yard!

Running has been tough lately as I'm pushing myself harder than ever but forgetting to run within myself -- relaxed and loose, not tight and tense -- and that I'm not there to race the other people on the track but to work with them.  I was forgetting that it's only myself that I should be focusing on and improving on and comparing with...  Positive Mental Energy (PMA) is back!

More soon when I have more time to post.  I'd like to revisit some of my older posts...

Cheers and it's a great day for a run!


P.S.  One more great thing about NJ...   Full Service gas stations!


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