Kick Off Par-Tay!


Hello World!

Okay, I wish it were December so I'd have writing here in this blog more often than once a week as my New Year's resolution.  Oh well...   Summer isn't supposed to be this busy and especially with no kids in the house for three weeks, YES, I said that there were NO kids in the house right now!  It has been fun doing other things; walking 18 holes of golf, seeing the Washington Kastles win in the last game of ladies singles, going out to dinners...  Life will be complete if I can get a movie in  :)  


The RunningBrooke kick-off Party is tomorrow...  The number coming keeps rising as people are getting back into town and getting to their stack of mail or -- and this is the best one -- people are reading their magazines and finding the invitation inside.  I'm so pleased that 65+ people are going to be here and I keep calling Rockland's Bar-B-Cue to up the numbers.  Now just hoping that the weather holds up so it is poolside and not inside...

The Crystal City Twilight race was a success for Pacer's Running Stores.  They doubled their running entrants from last year and of course, that works for me too as I had a RunningBrooke information card that went out in every race packet.  And thanks to my friends who volunteered to man the beer truck for the thirsty runners.  Kathy over at Pacer's will now be donating some money to my fund and I can't thank her enough for that but also for the exposure she gave my fund in this race!  I hung my banners proudly.  It's amazing what a little duct tape and a little sweat can accomplish...

Training Update

Up to about 65 miles a week now with 6 days of running and 1 day of swimming.  Feeling good running through the Washington heat and humidity.  Now it feels like summer!  The last track workout (Tuesday) was Yasso 800's -- which (supposedly) predicts your marathon time.  Averaging the 800's ( 2x around a track), we did 8, time indicates your total marathon time.  This hasn't worked out for me yet but I am hopeful as that would have me running pretty fast!  The long run the Sunday before that had us going 18, fine, no problem...  Tomorrow is our tempo run so we'll see how that goes.  I'd like to do a 5 mile tempo starting at about a 6:40ish pace and coming down from there, but we'll see.

Okay, that's it for now!  I'll plan to take plenty of pictures tomorrow at the kick-off party and I'll feature one on my next post.  Cheers, and it is a beautiful day for a run.  RunningBrooke


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