Feelin' Good


Hello World!

After a week or 10 days of struggling through the tough workouts, it felt great to kick some b___ today and to feel that last-minute surge of energy that is so amazing!  So we met at 6:30 on the track today to do 5 X 1000 repeats and 2 X 400.  These were the numbers: 3:51, 3:44, 3:41, 3:40 and 3:38.  The 2 4oo's were 84 and 81 seconds.  Yea!  And since I didn't have a corresponding photo to go with this theme, you get a picture of our dog 'Cubby,' named after the Chicago Cubs...  Go Cubs!  Anyone ever been to Wrigley and sat in the bleachers?

More later and what a beautiful day for a run!



P-Jay said...

Dear Mom, This is P-Jay, I will get the world to know about this. It wows me to know how far you have come with this. I pledge my support in anyway I can. I love you Mom.

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