The Little Rock, AR Marathon - a must run!

Little Rock, AR Marathon Report!  
Dear Friends, Family and Neighbors,

On March 6th I ran the Little Rock, AR marathon and crossed off State #22 and Marathon #31 on my quest to run a marathon in every state and on every continent in order to bring attention to and raise money for 5 vital Alexandria-based charities serving the at-risk in our community.  Spring had begun in Little Rock; the Redbuds had begun to bloom and the daffodils were up. 
Little Rock Banner
the starting line

a lululemon athletica and
Pacers Ambassador 

Running marathons in all 
7 Continents, each of the 50 States, and the 5 World Marathon Majors 
(a marathon a month)

Distressed  for my struggling neighbors, I decided to do something.  And so I did...  As a long-time  marathoner who was tired of running solely for time, I 'laced up my shoes' and committed to running the world on their behalf.  To raise awareness and funds for 5 key charities that serve them:

  • Child and Family Network Centers
  •  Community Lodgings
  • The Reading Connection
  • Girls on the Run, NoVA
  • ACTion Alexandria 

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RunningBrooke and Bart Yasso at Little Rock expo
RunningBrooke and Bart Yasso at Little Rock expo

Join the Running Fun!

National 1/2 or
National Marathon
Saturday, March 26th

Special Discount Codes:
11rbhalf (1/2 marathon) 
11rbfull (marathon)

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hurry, Charity Registration ends soon  

Cherry Blossom  
10 Miler
Sunday, April 3rd

only ONE entry left!

me to learn more about this fantastic April race under the Cherry Blossoms and by the Monuments!

Want to help but don't want to run...?

are happily accepted!
Always 100% tax deductible and always, 100% of your donation goes to those who need it.

(I pay my own travel costs and associated fees.)

Arkansas, Native American for "south wind," and nicknamed The Natural State, has over 600,000 acres of lakes, 9,700 miles of streams and rivers and over 2.6 million acres of national forests.
  • Factoid.  Our nation's oldest national park (Hot Springs) is in Arkansas.  
 It is a place with stories; tales of Native Americans, Pioneers, Civil War battles, oil and diamonds, Blues and Mountain music.  The home state of former President Bill Clinton but also the land of historic Civil Rights struggles:
  1. The Trail of Tears -- forced relocation of south-eastern Native Americans made to walk from their homeland westward (across the entire state of Arkansas) on their way to "Indian Territory" in Oklahoma.
  2.  The Internment Camps -- involuntary relocation of Japanese-Americans from across the US during WWII. Two sites, now memorials, are in Arkansas . 
  3. The Little Rock Nine -- escorted by the military, nine African-Americans enroll at Little Rock Central High School in 1957. 
And so without further ado:

Little Rock Capital
 the Capital 
The Good 
  • The Marathon.  1,814 marathoners (plus 1/2 marathons and 1st-leg re-layers) lined up for the 8AM race start.  It was a perfect day.  Overcast with a starting temperature in the mid-thirties.  'Music Belt' Ken (remember him from Jackson and New Orleans?) and I stayed warm in the Peabody lobby (yup, mallards in that fountain too) until 7:45; walked to the race start, corralled up and went.  The course took us past the Clinton Library, through the city and by the capital,  before leading us out into the suburbs.  This is where the race got even better.  We ran past Little Rock Central High School (combo of Art Deco and Gothic and massive in size), past the Governor's Mansion (Governor and staff out front waving to us!) and finished the last 6 miles along the Arkansas River.  Double-thumbs-up to the Race Director for a great tour!
  • The Marathon.  This isn't a typo.  I felt so obnoxiously good during the race that I probably bothered other runners.  Came in 8 minutes faster than New Orleans (easier course) and BQ'd (Boston Qualified) under the new, faster time limits.   What did I do differently between these two races that I hadn't done before?  I worked on my flexibility.  Check out this video (painfully unedited, sorry).
    Phil Wharton talks to The RunningBrooke Racers 
    Phil Wharton talks to The RunningBrooke Racers 
  • The Marathon's Finisher's Medal.  It's the reason I decided to run this race (should I admit this?)
Finishers' Medal
5'' x 8'' with complete with spinning globe  
  • The Clinton Presidential Library.  Located along the Arkansas River in the heart of the River Market District, this library is a must see. It's packed with the largest collection of presidential papers and artifacts in U.S. history, and houses authentic replicas of the Oval Office and Cabinet Room.  I took Bill's narrated tour chronicling American history during his presidency.  Bill's Limo
    Bill's Limo
  •  The Historic Arkansas Museum.  Two hundred years of Arkansan paintings, furniture, silver, textiles and firearms. 

The Bad  
  • No Direct Flights.  There is no way to get from National to Little Rock without changing planes.  I had to fly by way of Chicago out, and Atlanta back.

The Tragedy
  • lululemon athletica. The lululemon community (I am an ambassador) is suffering greatly.  At the Bethesda store last Friday night, two educators (employees) were violently assaulted during a robbery attempt.  One lost her life.  Please keep them in your thoughts. 

The Upcoming
*New to the marathon schedule, another double!
  • National Marathon (Washington, DC) on Saturday, March 26th.  The RunningBrooke Racers, team #1, have been training and raising money for The RunningBrooke Fund.  Super-excited to be a helping them reach their running goal and having their help in making a difference.  *I'll have a booth at the National Expo (Armory, Fri. 3/25).  Stop by and say hello! 
  • The Ocean Drive Marathon (over 4 bridges finishing in Cape May) on Sunday, March 27th.  Knocking off another state and seeing some friends too.
  • Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (Washington DC) on Sunday, April 3rd.  RunningBrooke Racers, team #2, will challenge themselves in this fun and fast course by the monuments and under the cherry blossoms.  Keep up the good work and thanks for your help!
  • Big Bash planned for June.  Stay tuned... 

Spring is here and it's an exciting time for runners.  One of my Sponsors, Pacer Events, puts on some great local races.  Fresh, Exciting, Innovative.  Take a  LOOK, see what fits into your schedule and get out there!

That's it.

Cheers-  Brooke 

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$30,000 in Grants Made to 5 Vital Charities



$30,000 given to Vital  
Alexandria-based Charities!

The last few weeks have been especially rewarding as I've granted, in total, $30,000.00 to five vital Alexandria-based charities that serve our at-risk neighbors.

Drumroll please:

at CFNC 
  • $10,000.00 to Community Lodgings; reopening the Teen Center, providing guidance towards a successful future with High School Graduation and financial management planning.
check presentation at Communtiy Lodgings
  • $2,500.00 to The Reading Connection, fostering the love of books by supporting The Book Club, sending free, new books by mail to families on a monthly basis. 
choosing books
  • $5,000.00 to Girls on the Run, NoVA, giving 33 Alexandria girls scholarships to Learn, Dream, Live and Run towards a healthier future.  Photos to come... 
  • $5,000.00 to ACTion Alexandria
    (ACT for Alexandria), matching 10 (up to $500.00) on-line 'calls of action' for specific community needs like healthful after-school snacks and milk for kids in shelters.  Photos to come...

2010 was a great, action-packed year and 2011 looks to be even better.  The RunningBrooke Fund and its initiatives are expanding...

I'm off to run the Little Rock, AR marathon this weekend.  Stay tuned, exciting things are going to happen!