Wardian breaks World Record!

Mike Wardian did it!

Arlingtonian and Super-Dad Mike, attempted to and beat the indoor marathon world record last Thursday at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center.

Running inside, with ongoing volley and basketball games center court, Mike ran around, and around, 211 times to blast through the old record of 2:34:54 (Boston, 1928).  Mike came in at 2:27:21 with his family (wife, parents and two sons) and friends cheering him on and regular rec-center users staring in disbelief.

I made it 10 miles before finishing up my long run with 6 outside.  I don't know how he did it.  After 100 times around, those turns were killing me.  But I made it back in time to see Mike finish.  Awesome!

WardianWinning.jpgMike setting his world record.

Mike and me warming up...

Cheers and by the way, Mike was the one who came up with the idea of my running a marathon-a-month!  And we're still friends...


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