Birds-1, Brooke-0

I'm a Nature Lover -- one of the reason why I run; seasons, landscapes, unexpected beauty that suddenly unfolds.  I'm a Nature Nurturer.  Proof positive by these eggs I've been watching, actually protecting.

But I'm mad.

The birds and I are in a grape war.    I water and I tend.  I watch, they watch.  We wait.  One day, all is well.  The next, the birds attack.  They attack and eat and splatter grape juices along the house wall.

Proof.  And I'm so very mad...

Realistic owls perfectly positioned don't phase them (so last year).  2010 Plan.  I've strung fishing line, a lot of fishing line, across and in front of (see picture below) the grapes (birds are frightened when their wings touch the string).  But the sneaky devils quickly learned to attack from the top and the bottom (not from the front).  I guess I'll be stringing more line tomorrow, a lot more line...

My counter attack.

Cheers; it's a beautiful day for a run, or a pool run...



Anonymous said...

maybe stretch some panty-hose between the two lines? We used to cover our roses with panty-hose to keep the beetles off them! ;)

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