Run for your Turkey!

Hello World!

Run in your local Turkey Trot tomorrow and earn some meat. You'll see me and the fam at Alexandria's 5 miler that benefits ALIVE. Bring in some canned goods, get a t-shirt, line up and get cheered as you run through your neighborhood. Or your parents' neighborhood, your siblings' neighborhood, or just some neighborhood that you don't know anyone! It's always a blast and there is always fabulous turkey smells wafting out the houses.

Remember what T. I. said, -- let's forget in the spirit of the holiday that he landed himself in jail recently -- " be thankful for what you got and not for what you don't got."

See you out there and cheers, it is a beautiful day for a run!



Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

How did you do? You are a running machine - so impressive!!

runningbrooke said...

hey, ok... running with the fam and enjoying the day... btw, congrats on the WAY sub 6 min. mi. that's not so easy...

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