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Hello World!

Today's post recognizes everyone who has donated to the RunningBrooke Fund since May, 2009. A fund established by moi, to channel your donations to local Alexandria charities. We've raised over $18,000.00 together! My goal is $20,000.00 this year so if there are any of you out there who become inspired by what I'm doing, your donation would be most welcome.

Recap: I have committed to running a marathon on every continent, in each of the 50 states and the 5 world marathon majors (Chicago, NY, Boston, Berlin and London) -- one marathon a month -- until I'm done. I pay all of my own expenses and entry fees. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your tax purposes. Check out my website to learn more!

Without further adieu, the following is a list of donors in order in which it was received:

Mr. and Mrs. Attison Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Curry, Mr. Robert Fooks, Mrs. Jennifer Mattson, Mrs. Nancy Phillips, Mrs. Margaret Wohler, Mrs. Kristyn Burnett, Mrs. Yvonne Carson, Mr. Brett Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller, Ms. Anne Curran, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wann, Ms. Joyce Carrier and Mr. Steven Akey, Mr. and Mrs. Chip Gately, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Blair, Mrs. Anne Church, Mrs. Tess Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Dickerson, Mr. and Mrs. George Sydnor, Mrs. Ellen McGuire, Mrs. Laura Simmons, Mrs. Deborah Keefe, Mr. and Mrs. John Siegel, Mason Vixon LLC, Mr. and Mrs. James Field, Lindsay Lexus, Mr. and Mrs. James Campell, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Draper, Ms. Eugenie Ballering and Mr. Chris Wolz, Ms. Sara VanderGoot, Mr. Stephen Luparello and Ms. Laurie Drysdale, Mr. Authur Bailey and Ms. Jeanne Hoenicke, Mr. and Mrs. James Jacob, Dr. Ayne Furman, Ms. Margo Chisolm, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Koppelmann, Mr. Hans Hopp, Mr. and Mrs. Alden Atkins, Mrs. Ashley O'Connor, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mullen, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Donohue, Mrs. Ann Lavie, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hurley, Dr. Leong Ying, Mrs. Alesia Frerichs, Mr. George Buckheit, Mr. and Mrs.Rocky Semmes, Mrs. Hilegard Kuenstler, Mrs. Elizabeth Tonner, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Page, Mrs. Kimberly Thompson, Mrs. Cheryl Young, Mrs. Margaret Teague, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. John Curran, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fortune, Pacers Events, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Schwab, Mr. and Mrs. James Daley, Mr. and Mrs. Gant Redmon, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Tang, Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lian, Mr. and Mrs. William Phellps, Mrs. Stephanie Fix, Mrs. Tracy Odell, Mr. James Banning, Mr. and Mrs. James Horan, Mr. Doug Baldridge, Ms. Marsha Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rosello, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anderson, Mr. Eugene Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Stansbury and last but not least Mrs. Karen White...

Thank you all very much for supporting my efforts to making Alexandria a better place for all!

JFK50, 15 days and counting...

Cheers and it is a beautiful day for a run!



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