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Dear Friends, Family and Neighbors,

As many of you know, I'm a lululemon athletica Clarendon run ambassador who helped the gang start up the great Team Lemon Run Club.  But my main role, and mission in the community, is to raise awareness and money for the struggling children and families in our community of Arlington and Alexandria.

After years for running only for myself, to reach a time goal, then another and another, my running, ironically, meant less and less to me.

One day early in 2009, as I was driving through a poor section of town for the umpteenth time,  I had an epiphany of sorts.  Shocked by my own past apathy for my struggling neighbors, I decided that I had to do something.  And so I did.  I committed to running a marathon on every continent, in each of the 50 states and the 5 marathon majors -- a marathon a month.  By engaging in such an audacious plan, I felt like I could ask my friends, family and neighbors + businesses for donations.  Just so you know, I pay for all of my own travel and related expenses, every dollar I raise goes to those who need it most.

In 2009, I raised over $20,000, sending 36 kids to an accredited preschool (in their own neighborhood of Arlandria).  This meant that 36 kids got a great head start to their education and their families received free ESL classes, job training and social services (hearing/vision screening + a social worker to help navigate their new world).  In 2010, I raised $32,000.  I will grant to the preschool again (Child and Family Network Centers), but will also assist Community Lodgings (homelessness to self-sufficiency), Girls on the Run NoVA (self-esteem, healthy living and a 5K event), The Reading Connection (free books with story time in shelters) and ACT for Alexandria (community giving catalyst).  In 2011?  My goal is $50,000.

I've been a one-man show so far and I'd love to get some help!  I'm using the National 1/2 Marathon as a fundraising platform and paired with lululemon for a fantastic time. Sign up (special discount codes) and help out.  Seldom are we able to make a real and lasting difference to the life of a child.  But today you can!  

Besides knowing you are working to support those in need right here in your own community, there will be loads of great things that will help you along the way (ie: extra support, a training program, and surprises from lululemon). Check out the information attached and stop in store or email me with any questions!

Thanks, friends!  Use these Special Discount Codes:  11rbhalf (half marathon) and 11rbfull (marathon)

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