Maniac #2197


Hello World!

Haha!  Will this be what I look like after my 7 continents, 50 states, 5 marathon majors -- one a marathon a month -- quest is over?  A happy, friendly, been-around-the-world, skeleton?

I'm officially a marathon maniac.  I know a lot of you, dear readers, i.e. Kino, Leong, Ben, Tim, etc. etc., have been telling me to sign up for this club for years.  Okay, so I finally got around to it.  You see, I never really thought of myself a someone different, or certainly not a maniac.  But as these marathons keep adding up, I guess I'm separating from the norm a little bit.  Anyway,  the club acceptance response to me read, "Brooke, at last you have found refuge, a place where you can call home, where the insane can feel Sane again, and once again be treated like a normal human being.  Welcome to the Marathon Maniaces InSane AsyLum!!!!  Following are the requirements, and some of them do seem really insane.  I'm just the freshman, with the minimum requirements met (Bronze Level - I have 4 marathons in 4 consecutive months), listed 7th from the bottom.  And just so you know, the Prez. of the Club has an all time steak of 57 marathons in 1 year, a lifetime record of 212 marathons and is on his quest for 50 states.  I think I'm going to try to meet up with this guy!

Bronze Level

1.  2 marathons within 16 days
2.  3 marathons within 90 days

Silver Level

1.  3 marathons within 16 days
2.  6 marathons in 6 consecutive calendar months -- will be this soon!
3.  8-11 marathons within 365 days

Gold Level

1.  4 marathons within 37 days
2.  12-18 marathons within 365 days -- will be this in September in '10
3.  4 marathons in 4 different US States, Countries or Canadian Providences in 51 days

Iridium Level

1.  4 marathons in 23 days
2.  19-25 marathons within 365 days
3.  2 marathons in 2 days  (48 hours) and finish both races -- might do this!
4.  9 marathons in 9 different US States, Countries or Canadian Providences in 365 days

Ruthenium Level -- is this really a metal?

go to the website -- too crazy

Osmium Level -- really?

again, we're getting insane here -- check link out above!

Palladium, Platinum, and Titanium Levels

even I'm getting bored and overwhelmed here!

Just a quick report on other things going on -- running related, or course...

1.  Body is holding up and feeling good!  Last week: 50-ish miles, -- one day with a 4 mile tempo -- 2 hot yogas and a one mile swim.  I'll run about 40 this week, throw another tempo in, and do the same swim and 2 hot yogas.  Have to coordinate the swim and the yogas with the hair appointment -- have to get the 'natural' blond put back in :)  Still working on the meditation goal, does dozing off in the carpool line count -- with the car off, of course?!

2.  Have gotten six Alexandria businesses to commit to a donation of $1,000 a year over the next 5 years.  Meeting a lot of good people...

3.  Getting ready for Sedona -- Feb. 6th -- and hope to meet up with good friends' -- hi Shawn! -- brother Sean, and also parents.  Sean is a CBS anchor out in Phoenix  RunningBrooke news story?!

4.  Planning with Garrett, over at Lululemon, two fun runs.  We're thinking about a run -- 6 miles -- then brunch, a run then abs, then brunch, a run then stretching, then brunch...  Any ideas, good readers?  More miles, less miles, course map, worksheets or recipes?

Okay, that is it.  I have to get out of the house and guess what,  go for a run!  I'll do 6 easy miles and probably go to the pool for that one mile swim.  I have this new flotation device (belt) that I want to try out to see if I can tolerate pool running.  Already have a water proof case for the ipod...  Anyone interested in a little pool jogging or does anyone have experience with it?

Cheers and it is a beautiful day for a run!



Anonymous said...

Ha! You know I LOVE my pool running, here is my video, George told me I need to extend my legs more, I'm working on it! :)

runningbrooke said...

Thanks :) What pool? We could meet and actually talk!!

Garrett said...

Brooke I cannot wait to start our running group next weekend! Have a blast at Sedona...we are cheering for you, always.

Garrett and the lululemon Clarendon Crew

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