Type 'A' determined to be a Type 'B,' for June anyway...

Hello World-

So, it has been about a week since the 28 hour return trip from Easter Island and I am now used to and thankful for the sun being up and out all day! In Chile, it's the beginning of winter, so the sun wasn't rising until 8 am, and it was setting about 5:30. I'd forgotten about that little seasonal detail! At first, it was getting used to the darkness -- i.e. waiting and waiting and waiting to run until relative light -- and then, when I got home, it was getting used to the sunniness.  Okay, so that part wasn't so hard :)

First, a BIG, BIG thank you to all of my supporters. I feel like someone who just won a Grammy or an Emmy and is on stage with an endless thank you list.  You know, one where you roll your eyes and check out what's on HG TV. But really, those thank yous are not all blather and it actually does take a lot of people to pull you along to greatness.  Ha, okay, maybe not greatness but to your personal best!  So here's my list and I'll try to keep it shortish:

  • My family for enduring my crazy (early) hours, my prolonged absences to run -- often taking up valuable weekend time -- adjusting their schedules to accommodate mine and not thinking I'm crazy to want to go to every continent and every state to run a marathon!
  • My running coach George whose consistent commitment and support has quietly pushed me towards my best.  It's a beautiful day for a run!
  • My first coach Chris who for four years plus drew up a monthly running schedule and developed  an oh,  SO green novice non-runner into a marathoner.  It's all about a positive mental attitude...
  • Cathleen, for helping me set up this blog and Web-Goddess Cheryl, for setting up my web page -- can't begin to think of how many hours this took -- and Kim for the design help
  • My friends who put up with my now-shoddy tennis game and for understanding and putting up with my inflexibility that 'I can only swim on Thursdays'...
  • And finally, a BIG hug to all of my friends and family who have donated to my fund and made a commitment to support me and needy Alexandrians.
And finally, I've committed to be a non type-A, a non obsessive-compulsive person for the month of June.  I have committed to running only 5 days a week, with plenty of cross training.  I have committed to running only 50 miles per week.  I have committed to listening to Coach George when he tells me to 'shut it down' when needed during our track workouts and being okay with it.  I have committed to giving my body rest.  Can I do it?  I think so, especially since it's already mid-June and our Fall marathon training begins soon  :)

Cheers and it's a beautiful day for a run!



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